We are building a fast, cost effective, non-invasive way to enable medical oncologists to personalise breast cancer treatment. 

Breast cancer specifically accounts for over a quarter of cancer cases in women worldwide and has the second highest mortality rate amongst all cancers.

Clinical trial data gives doctors the statistical insight into which treatments work best at a population level. However, doctors have no means to personalise cancer treatment for individuals.This means for patients, as individuals, treatments are not optimised for their own disease state and patient outcomes are sub-optimal.

there are several new experimental techniques that can be used to model the cancer disease state. These methods include lab-grown tumors and mathematical models that characterise cancer progression. These methods can be combined to model cancer as a complex adaptive system.

research groups have demonstrated proof of concept for new modelling techniques, there is a lack of translation of research to the clinic.

Onkolyze is the first company that makes use of biological experiments and computer simulations to model outcomes for patients as individuals. Our simulation models can estimate the outcomes of different treatment strategies for individual patients in-silico prior to administration. This enables decision making to personalise the optimal therapeutic strategy for individuals.

Onkolyze has achieved proof of concept scientific experimental studies. we are in the process of translating this research to the clinic.